YICOD conducts campaigns on GBV prevention in promotion of Women and Children’s Health and Nutrition

In an effort to address the often-overlooked repercussions of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) on the health and nutrition of women and children, YICOD launched a comprehensive advocacy campaign with an aim to raise awareness and promote gender equality in the communities of Fosa and Kachere.


Dedza Communities trained on fruit tree grafting to enhance nutrition

In a bid to bolster fruit production and ensure improved access to essential nutrients, Youth Initiative for Community Development (YICOD) coordinated a transformative training session on fruit tree grafting for enhanced fruit production.

Lokesi, YICOD

Transforming Lives through Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Initiatives

In the heart of T/A Kachere, a remarkable transformation is underway. Lives once excluded and marginalized are finding hope and empowerment through the impactful initiatives of the “Improving the Nutrition and Health of Women through Integrated Food Security and WASH” programme.

seeds, YICOD

200 families receive vegetable seeds to help eradicate malnutrition

In a bid to help in eradicating malnutrition, Youth Initiative for Community Development (YICOD) distributed vegetable seeds and grafted fruit tree seedlings to 200 households in the district.

Yicod, Pets

Youth Advocates in Malawi empowered to strengthen SRHR services

In a remarkable collaborative effort, the Youth Initiative for Community Development (YICOD), in partnership with All for Youth and Phalombe Youth Arms Organisation, initiated a year-long project at the beginning of 2023 titled “Strengthening youth-led SRMNCAH+N advocacy in Malawi,” with support from Population Action International (PAI).

This comprehensive endeavour aimed to bolster the youth coalition’s capacity to advocate effectively for policy and budgetary changes while demanding transparency and accountability in Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child, Adolescent Health, and Nutrition (SRMNCAH+N) service delivery.