VSL, Yicod

YICOD in integration drive for financial inclusion with nutrition-sensitive practices

In a bid to enhance the nutritional status of women and promote food security alongside WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) practices, YICOD has initiated a ground-breaking initiative aiming to integrate financial inclusion with nutrition-sensitive practices among vulnerable communities.

This is under the project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) facilitated through WeltHungerHilfe (WHH) in partnership with the Tilitonse Foundation and CISANET.

Project Coordinator, Reonard Emiliyo, explained the significance of nutrition-sensitive highlighting the ongoing dialogue sessions with care groups and VSL groups.

“Our focus is on improving the nutrition of women through integrated food security and WASH interventions. Village Savings and Loan (VSL) hence through these sessions, we aim to economically empower care group members, enabling them to meet their dietary needs, including the purchase of essential items like cooking oil.

“A nutrition-sensitive VSL ensures that members’ financial literacy aligns with nutrition-sensitive practices, including decisions on the consumption of six food groups and dietary observations. By integrating care groups into VSLs, we facilitate access to funds that can be utilised for acquiring dietary foods, thereby promoting nutrition and WASH practices within the community,” he said.

Members of care groups have been encouraged to join VSL groups of their choice to maximize project benefits. Emiliyo highlighted the importance of collaboration, noting, “By disseminating nutrition and WASH-related messages through VSLs, care groups extend the project’s reach, benefiting a larger segment of the community.”

Cluster leaders have been tasked with cascading project insights to their care groups, ensuring widespread participation and engagement. Emiliyo clarified that while care group members join VSLs, VSLs do not become care groups, emphasizing adherence to respective group protocols.

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