YICOD conducts campaigns on GBV prevention in promotion of Women and Children’s Health and Nutrition

In an effort to address the often-overlooked repercussions of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) on the health and nutrition of women and children, YICOD launched a comprehensive advocacy campaign with an aim to raise awareness and promote gender equality in the communities of Fosa and Kachere.

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) officer for YICOD, Jane Chagunda, said the campaign which were led by community leaders will have everlasting positive impacts to the communities in as far as GBV prevention is concerned.

“The campaign brought together promoters, cluster leaders, and male champions, all trained under the Household Approach framework who facilitated the dissemination of messages about GBV and its impact on health and nutrition of women and children, we need more of these campaigns here,” said Chagunda.

The event, facilitated by the Gender Office and the Police Victim Support Unit (VSU). Miss Alinafe from the gender office emphasized on the implications of GBV on the well-being of women and children and she advised people to report such cases to relevant bodies.

“Gender-Based Violence encompasses various forms of harm inflicted upon individuals due to their perceived sex, gender, and identity, ranging from sexual and physical violence to psychological and socio-economic abuse, let’s report such cases,” she said.

Highlighting the cultural dimensions exacerbating GBV, Miss Alinafe explained how ingrained norms perpetuate unequal distribution of food within households, depriving women of adequate nutrition.

“Children, too, bear the brunt of GBV, as they are often denied autonomy in dietary choices, leading to malnourishment,” she added, emphasizing the urgent need for concerted action to address these systemic injustices.

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